Verizon Wireless Partnership: Commitment to Women

Verizon Wireless is a recognized corporate leader for its commitment to preventing domestic violence and raising awareness of the issue.  The company’s commitment to women started in 1995, with the launch of the HopeLine Program.  Verizon Wireless chose this name as it embodied the positive difference the company intended to make in the areas of domestic violence awareness, prevention and victim recovery.

The first scholarship offered through the OPSVAW Women’s Empowerment Scholarship Program is the Verizon Wireless Women's Empowerment Scholarship. Verizon Wireless is recognized across the country for its commitment to increasing public understanding of domestic violence.  The company’s commitment to women started in 1995 when it created a HopeLine Program which collects used wireless phones that they refurbish and sell; profits are used to support domestic violence programs and nonprofit organizations focused on domestic violence.