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THE EXCHANGE: Research-Informed Policy and Practice

Dear Colleagues:

It is with pleasure that we at the University of Kentucky Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women offer to the practice field THE EXCHANGE.  This is not a traditional newsletter, it is a technical report intended to provide advocates, judges and court personnel, prosecutors, law enforcement, health and mental health professionals, and other professionals with easy access to recent, state-of-the-art research on intimate partner violence (IPV) (domestic violence), child witnesses to IPV, sexual assault, stalking, and other issues related to crime or violence.  Its purpose is to allow services, case decision-making, and the development of criminal justice and health/mental health policy to be directly influenced by science.

Each volume of THE EXCHANGE will provide information on recent research studies. The title of a profiled study will be provided, followed by a short summary sentence of the article.  For those who wish to read a more detailed summary of the article, the words READ MORE will appear and can be clicked on to go to the full abstract and article citation. Below the abstracts you will be told how to request more information on any of the briefed studies.  You may also identify issues that have arisen in your work about which you would like to request research findings. The webpage also provides current and back issues of THE EXCHANGE. Users can also search by the topic that is of most interest or relevance to them. 

Following the research abstracts, THE EXCHANGE provides links to select recent appelate cases from the Kentucky Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. The case opinions have been made available by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Finally, THE EXCHANGE webpage provides documents that address how to read research articles and that explain the appellate court process.

For additional information or suggestions related to THE EXCHANGE, please contact Carol E. Jordan, Executive Director, Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women at