Legislative Summaries (2014 - 2021)


The Kentucky General Assembly

Excerpted from Jordan (2014): "In Kentucky, the structure of the General Assembly as one of three branches of government was designed in the state’s first constitution authored in 1792 by delegates to a constitutional convention held in Danville, Kentucky. The 1892 Constitution gave the name “General Assembly” to the state’s legislature and provided for two chambers, the state Senate with thirty-eight members and four-year terms; and the state House of Representatives with one hundred members and two-year terms (Blanchard, 2000). While the Constitution also set forth that the General Assembly would meet every two years in even numbered years for a maximum of sixty days, a 2000 amendment to the Constitution provided for annual sessions of the General Assembly and required that bills introduced in an odd-numbered year session that raise revenue or appropriate funds must be agreed to by three-fifths of all Senators and Representatives (a so-called super majority) (Aubrey et al., 2003)."


Violence Against Women-Related Legislation

Over the past four decades, over 100 pieces of legislation have been passed by the Kentucky General Assembly with an eye toward mitigating, punishing, or preventing domestic or intimate partner violence, rape/sexual assault, and stalking. The links to the left provide summaries of key violence against women-related legislation that was passed during the 2014 through 2020 legislative sessions.

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