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May 2017 – June 2018 Award Cycle



The OPSVAW announces its May 2017 - June 2018 Funding Award Cycle for graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences. Two award mechanisms are available this year, research assistantships and graduate fellowships.

  • College of Arts & Science students eligible for OPSVAW funding include those seeking graduate degrees in the four departments/programs formally affiliated with the OPSVAW, including:
    1.  Department of Psychology;
    2.  Department of Political Science;
    3.  Department of Gender & Women’s Studies; and
    4.  African American & Africana Studies Program
  • Graduate students seeking a research assistantship under this funding mechanism may not already have another funding source that would conflict with this appointment.
  • To be funded by the OPSVAW, graduate students must be working independently (dissertation) or under a departmental/program faculty member on research or scholarly projects related to violence against women, including: victimization in its various forms (physical assault, sexual assault, stalking, psychological maltreatment, sexual harassment); human rights; justice reform; legal practice; sexual violence in the international context; comparative politics; public policy; gender; race and ethnicity; sexuality; social theory; clinical or personality features; risk-related behaviors; aggression and psychopathology; or similar areas. 
  • Select fellowships or assistantships will be funded under the Mary Byron Scholars Endowment. That Program was named in honor of a young woman who was killed by an ex-boyfriend in Louisville in 1993. Her murder led to creation of the nation’s first statewide victim notification system called V.I.N.E. (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).

SECTION I:  Funding Mechanism

  1. Graduate Fellowships
    1. OPSVAW Graduate Fellowships may run for the summer, one semester, or one academic year.
    2. OPSVAW Fellowship awards include the following stipends:
      1. Full academic year:  $18,000
      2. Semester Only:  $9,000
      3. Summer Only:  $3,500
    3. Tuition and health insurance may be provided for semester-long and year-long fellowships, but only if specifically noted in the award letter.
    4. Tuition support is not provided by the OPSVAW for summer fellowships.
  2. Research Assistantship
    1. Research Assistantships require a prior arrangement for the graduate student to work on a research project under the supervision of a faculty member in an affiliate department or program.
    2. OPSVAW Assistantships may run for one semester or one full academic year. If the offer is initially for the fall semester it will continue on for the spring semester contingent on maintaining good standing in the department or program and satisfactory performance of assigned RA duties.
    3. Assistantships may be full-time (20 hours per week) or part-time (10 hours per week).
    4. Assistantship awards include the following stipends (plus fringe with taxes withheld):
      1. Full academic year:  $18,000
      2. Semester Only:  $9,000
    5. Tuition support and health insurance are provided.
  3. NEW Translational Research Assistantship
    1. This year, the OPSVAW is funding one special Research Assistantship focused on data analysis to further translational research.
    2. The graduate student holding the Translational Research Assistantship will work within the OPSVAW under the supervision of the executive director.
    3. The Assistantship will include identification of sources of data available in Kentucky related to violence against women (e.g., court data, law enforcement data).
    4. The Assistantship will involve analysis and presentation of that data for the website of the OPSVAW so that practitioners in Kentucky may access data of relevance to their programs.
    5. Graduate students interested in the Translational Research Assistantship must have experience on research projects and be able to work independently on data analysis.
    6. The Translational Research Assistantship can provide opportunities for students to author and co-author manuscripts based on newly analyzed data.
    7. The Translational Research Assistantship is a full-time (20 hours per week) position with a $20,000 stipend.
    8. Tuition support and health insurance are provided.

SECTION II:  Proposal Formats & Deadlines

  1. All proposals must be submitted on or before the deadline of May 1, 2017 and must include all elements as described below.  Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  2. Graduate Fellowship and Research Assistantship proposals must use the electronic application and must include:
    1. Cover letter
    2. Title
    3. Budget summary
    4. 50-word abstract
    5. 750 words describing the research or scholarly project on which the student will be working.
    6. Biosketch of the student which describes any prior research experience; a list of publications in peer reviewed journals; and a list of fellowships or grants received. Students who have work experience in the violence against women field (crisis agencies, law offices, etc.) are encouraged to describe it in their biosketch.
    7. 250 words describing the student’s empirical or scholarly interest in the violence against women field and how the OPSVAW Fellowship would advance her or his academic career.
    8. A letter of support from the advising faculty member.
    9. At the end of the semester/year, students having received an OPSVAW Fellowship or Research Assistantship must submit a 250-word description of the outcome of their summer research experience and its impact on their academic careers.

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