THE EXCHANGE: Research-Informed Policy and Practice

The University of Kentucky Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women has launched a unique technical report for advocates, judges and court personnel, prosecutors, law enforcement, health and mental health professionals, and others who work in the field. THE EXCHANGE: Research-Informed Policy and Practice provides easy access to state-of-the-art research on intimate partner violence (IPV) (domestic violence), child witnesses to IPV, sexual assault, stalking, and other issues related to crime or violence.  Its purpose is to allow services, case decision-making, and the development of criminal justice, health/mental health, and education policy to be directly influenced by science.

Each issue of THE EXCHANGE provides brief summaries of key findings of six to eight recent research studies. Following the research abstracts, THE EXCHANGE also provides links to recently published and unpublished cases from the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The website for THE EXCHANGE (see link below), also offers information for non-academics about how to read research articles and describes how the appellate process works for non-lawyers.

To view more information about THE EXCHANGE or to sign up to receive the report, go to:

For additional information related to THE EXCHANGE, please contact Carol E. Jordan, Executive Director, Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women.




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